[CipherMail User] Unable to import Certificate or Restore backup.

Martijn Brinkers martijn at ciphermail.com
Thu Sep 6 14:59:54 CEST 2018

On 06-09-18 14:41, de Longpre, Dale via Users wrote:
> We are running the ciphermail virtual appliance 3.2.7-5 and when I
> try and import an external users certificate it just says "0
> certificate were imported (of total 1)".  How can I find out why it
> fails?

If a certificate is already in the store, it will not be imported again.
If a certificate is expired, it will be skipped by default (unless the
option "Expired" is deselected. A self-signed certificate is skipped by
default unless the option "skip self-signed" is deselected.

> Took a fresh backup and then stood up a new appliance, 4.1.3-0, and
> then restored the backup. No errors on the restore, rebooted but
> nothing was restored?   I checked the /usr/share/djigzo/logs and
> nothing was logged on the restore.

The underlying database used in the Virtual Appliance from version >= 4
was changed from Postgres to MariaDB. A backup from a version prior to
version 3 can therefore not directly be imported into the virtual
appliance 4. We have tools to convert the database between versions but
for now these are only available for customers with a support contract
or who are using the Pro or Enterprise edition.

> ... Just for kicks I imported the
> cert that would not import on 3.2.7-5 and it did.

Can you double check to make sure that the certificate is not already
available on the 3.2.7-5 appliance?

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