[Djigzo users] Release candidate of the DJIGZO gateway is available (version 2.4.0-3)

Martijn Brinkers martijn at djigzo.com
Tue May 22 11:10:35 CEST 2012


A release candidate of the DJIGZO gateway is available (version 2.4.0-3)

Release notes:


* Sign and encrypt tags can be added to the subject for incoming signed
  and/or encrypted email (GATEWAY-36)
* Signer and sender address mismatch detection has been added
* S/MIME encrypt mailet can selectively encrypt headers (this is mainly
  used in combination with DJIGZO for Android)
* S/MIME encryption and signing algorithm can be set per recipient or
* Simple subject filter added which can be used to filter the subject
  using a regular expression.
* Locale (i.e., language) can be selected on the portal login and signup
* CLI tool added which can be used to set/get user properties from the
  command line.


* The 8.4 PostgreSQL JDBC drivers were not compatible with PostgreSQL 9
  (The default version with Ubuntu 12.04).
  The PostgreSQL JDBC drivers have been updated to 9.X (GATEWAY-56)
* Logging has been improved. More information is logged and color coding
  has been improved (GATEWAY-42, GATEWAY-26)
* Upgraded to BC 1.47
* LogLevel OFF added which can be used to completely disable logging for
  a class.
* Clickatell provider now supports additional parameters.
* Spanish translation for the portal added
  (translation by Diego A. Fliess)
* Loading speed of the preferences page has been improved.
* The user no longer has to login after the portal signup. The user is
  automatically logged in after the signup process.
* The packages are now signed with a new gpg key.

Bug fix

* sudo added to the RPM spec file as a required package (GATEWAY-55)
* PDF reply should use the Reply-To header (GATEWAY-45)
* Under certain circumstances, unicode characters were incorrectly
  encoded when replying to a PDF (GATEWAY-48)
* Compatibility with IE9 has been improved (GATEWAY-40)
* The RPM installer now waits for Postgres to be running before
  continuing the installation.

The release candidate and installation instructions can be downloaded from:


Upgrade guide http://www.djigzo.com/documents/beta/upgrade-guide.pdf

Note: the packages are signed with a new GPG key (which can be
downloaded from the same page)

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers

DJIGZO email encryption

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