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Manuel Faux Manuel.Faux at securesolutions.at
Wed Apr 20 20:33:31 CEST 2011

Ok, in this case I misunderstood the documentation. It only states that CRLs for CA and Sub-CAs are not implemented.

Thank's for your answer.

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On 04/20/2011 07:57 PM, Manuel Faux wrote:
> Hello,
> I have an existing PKI outside of Djigzo. So I've created a Sub-CA and imported this CA incl. SKs into Djigzo. As far I understood the documentation, Djigzo does not support CRL-Generation, but the Documentation recommends using a full-blown CA like EJBCA instead.
> Has anyone ever used Djigzo in such a scenario? What is the recommended way to issue and to revoke certificates? I came up with the idea about writing an additional RequestHandler, which uses the EJBCA-API to issue the certificates, but is this necessary?

Djigzo can generate CRLs, click CA en then click on "Create CRL".

Only if you need a more advanced CA, like multiple CAs, use different key usage, use your own extensions etc. it's better to use an external CA.

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