[Djigzo users] !!!WARNING!!! : Don't upgrade Java if you are using Ubuntu 8.04!!

Martijn Brinkers martijn at djigzo.com
Thu Aug 19 09:58:33 CEST 2010

Another update for those who are interested in the technicalities of the
Ubuntu bug.

What follows is rather technical so you can skip it if you are not
interested. The bottom line is that it's best to wait before doing a
dist-upgrade until Ubuntu has fixed the OpenJDK package.

Technical details:

It turns out that they have back-ported OpenJDK from newer Ubuntu
release to Ubuntu 8.04. The original OpenJDK op Ubuntu 8.04 however had
a different set of dependencies then the updated version. This resulted
in the removal of the ant package which in turn results in the removal
of Tomcat and Djigzo (and all other packages which depend on the ant

Because the OpenJDK update as far as I know only solves a problem with
Applets there is no need for now to update OpenJDK if you are only
running Djigzo. It's therefore better to wait until Ubuntu has fixed the

If you really need to upgrade I have uploaded a work-around package. The
only thing the package does is to tell Ubuntu that a Java virtual
machine is available (a so called virtual package).

You can download the package from:


You should install the package before doing the dist-upgrade.

Again: only do this if you really need to update. It's better to wait
for an updated Ubuntu package.

Kind regards,


Martijn Brinkers wrote:
> Hi,
> An update:
> It's a bug in the updated Ubuntu OpenJDK package. I have contacted the
> package maintainer and explained what goes wrong. Hopefully an updated
> OpenJDK package will soon be available. I will investigate a possible
> workaround and provide more information tomorrow.
> Kind regards,
> Martijn
> Martijn Brinkers wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It seems that there is a bug in Ubuntu 8.04. Ubuntu now seems to have
>> added the missing package ca-certificates-java but this results in the
>> removal of ANT and therefore Djigzo will be uninstalled because Djigzo
>> depends on ANT.
>> I will contact Ubuntu to report the problem and see whether I can find a
>> temporary fix until they fix it.
>> Again: DON'T dist-upgrade when using 8.04 (the Virtual Appliance is
>> using 8.04)!
>> Martijn Brinkers
>>> Hello
>>> we use Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with Djigzo and openjdk as Java VM. With the
>>> recent updates we got the following problems:
>>> - The openjdk updates require the package "ca-certificates-java" which
>>> is not available in the online repositories for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
>>> - If the package "ca-certificates-java" is installed "by hand" the
>>> following "apt-get dist-upgrade" try to remove ant,ant-optional and
>>> djigzo???
>>> While this is for sure a problem of the openjdk package it would be
>>> nice to hear if someone is using Ubuntu 8.04 and is aware of some
>>> workaround for this beside not using updates.
>>> Many Thanks
>>> Andreas
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