[Djigzo users] Encryption and Gmail

Christine christine at christine.nl
Wed Jun 24 17:29:26 CEST 2009

Dimitri Yioulos wrote:
> Hmmm, nothing in the MPA log about my message.  I 
> guess I 1) have to set sendmail to forward mail 
> to Djigzo, and; 2) tell Kmail to receive mail 
> from Djigzo.  Sound right?
It depends on how you want your mail to be handled. I myself have my 
mail server - postfix - configured to accept mail, send it to Djigzo, 
which sends it to SpamAssassin, which sends it back to Postfix for 
processing. My mail clients don't need to know that Djigzo is involved. 
Outgoing mail also goes to Postfix, which loops it through Djigzo before 
sending the mail.

As long as you realize that Djigzo is an MTA, you can configure your 
SendMail and Djigzo and Spam filters any way you like.


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