[Djigzo users] Encryption and Gmail

Martijn Brinkers martijn at djigzo.com
Tue Jun 23 17:28:01 CEST 2009

When a message is encrypted with S/MIME the complete message (including 
all attachments) is converted to an attachment with name smime.p7m. You 
need a S/MIME capable email client to read the message. There is a GMail 
add-on available which can be used with Firefox

You need to import the pfx into Firefox. See 
http://www.djigzo.com/help/import_pfx_gmail.html for instructions on how 
to use the GMail S/MIME add-on with Firefox.

If you open the email from GMail with Outlook or any other S/MIME 
capable client the message will be automatically decrypted.

Kind regards,


Dimitri Yioulos wrote:
> As a test of Djigzo (and because some of our mail 
> recipients use public, Web-based mail like Yahoo 
> Mail and Gmail), I've created a Djigzo user (me) 
> with a Gmail account.  In the user's Djigzo 
> profile, I created the Subject trigger "test".  I 
> sent a message to me at gmail.com with the 
> subject "test".  What I received was an email 
> with no message, but an attachment labelled 
> smime.p7m.  The only option I have is to download 
> it, but don't have any idea what the DL is or how 
> to open it.  BTW, I have the FireGPG plugin 
> installed on my copy of Firefox, and it does work 
> with Gmail.
> Dimitri

Djigzo open source email encryption

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