[Djigzo users] Windows xp does not accept the root certificate

Andreas Schubert schubert at transline.de
Thu Jul 16 14:21:08 CEST 2009


i think the problem is solved.

after i generate a new ca with sha1 signature algorithm it works.
now i know, that windows xp whithout xp3 does not support sha256.
with that knowledge i testet the import on a sp3 machine and it works.

what is the disadvantage i we use certs with sha1?

thank you for your help.


Andreas Schubert
Transline Deutschland Dr.-Ing. Sturz GmbH

"Martijn Brinkers" <m.brinkers at pobox.com> wrote on 15.07.2009 21:58:29:

> That's really strange. I have tested it with different windows xp
> installations. Also others have been able to import the pfx without
> problems. So the main question now is what's different in your setup?
> I have seen problems installing certs in the past when access to the
> registry was refused for some actions (the certs are imported into the
> registry). Perhaps a virus scanner does not allow you to install a
> root? What happens when you install only the root (as a cer file) into
> the root store? Is it also installed into the intermediate store?

> Kind regards

> Martijn
> --- sent from Blackberry

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