[Djigzo users] Customer experience

Mario Moder moder at reha-schotten.de
Wed Jul 1 16:03:49 CEST 2009

> Two main new features I was thinking about are:
> 1. PGP support
> 2. Client-less email encryption

Hi Martijn

I vote for number one if that means OpenPGP support (using GnuPG and its
libraries for example) ;-)

We (a german non-profit-organisation) are currently looking for a
Free/Open Source eMail encryption solution (ca. 300 email users). So far
I have found GEAM (deep in the GnuPG sources, only OpenPGP, no S/MIME)
and got it running but I am concerned that it seems it is not actively
developed or even maintained anymore. And it does not support S/MIME.
And I have not tested it in a "production environment"...

Since most of our communication partners use OpenPGP and some use
S/MIME, I decided to vote for OpenPGP support in Djigzo :-)

It seems the field of free/open source eMail security gateways is
relative small compared to client side encryption solutions. On the
other hand there are plenty of commercial gateway solutions.

So keep up the good work!


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