With the backup-script on cli it works fine. Thank you!

Am Mi. 10. Februar 2021 10:42 CET, Martijn Brinkers via Users <users@lists.ciphermail.com> schrieb:
Hi Matthias,

Documentation is missing on that part. I'll look into it. The reason
for this change is because of CVE-2020-12713 (for more info see

The backup/restore functionality now requires that the admin enters the
system password. For the default config this should be the password for
the sa user. If you installed it from the deb/rpm packages you probably
do not have an sa user.

The check for the system user is done in the script system.sh. You can
override the system user by adding the following file


with the following content:


(or some other user)

Alternatively you can do backup/restore from the command line using the
backup restore script (backup.sh)

Kind regards,

Martijn Brinkers

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On Wed, 2021-02-10 at 04:33 -0500, Matthias Dort via Users wrote:
> Hi friends,
> iI have set up a new host for migration. Unfortunately it is not
> possible to import a backup from the old ciphermail with the restore
> function via the GUI. The error message is:
> You must correct the following errors before you may continue.
> System password is invalid
> The system password used is the root password of the debian 10
> system.
> The old System: Version 4.8.0-0 Build 2020-05-19-13:37 / Debian 9
> The new System:Version 4.12.0-0 Build 2020-11-17-11:2 / Debian 10
> Thanks for Help!
> Matthias